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Data Table Block

The Data Table block shows the data coming from a Spectra stream in table format:

Data Table Block

Left hand side input:

  • Spectra

Spectra data will be shown in real-time as table view incl. color coding (adjustable color profiles) incl. time stamp data. A lot of pages are held in memory. You can scroll and pan within the memory. All in all this is of great help for debugging e.g. to check scripts, to find data glitches etc. In addition a time compression up to 100.000 is possible:

Data Table Block Setup

Attached Screenshot shows a singly carrier with -23,3dBm from the IQ Signal Generator block running through a FFT and then fed into the Data Table block. The Data Table block proves that the FFT is doing a perfect decoding since the red colored peak values all show -23,3dBm.

Data Table Missions shows the Raw Spectra Data in Data Table Form

A typical Mission:

Data Table Typical Mission