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CPU Power Usage | How to see the Load and optimize it

We have a V6 MIL EE and I have CPU Sat at 100% for most necessary device usage and related issues. But if I look at the actual use of CPU power, it is about 16%. Can't you use the extra CPU cores to handle tasks?

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Sure we do use multi core support but some computations cannot be spread across multiple cores, and for other tasks, memory might be the factor you need to consider, so using multiple cores/threads would make it worse.

Take a look at the graph to check which part of the mission is generating the higheslt load. This might help solve the problem:

Enable performance monitoring:

Activate performance monitor


You now have a performance bar for all blocks:

See performace for all graphs


Hover over the block to see details:

Hover over the block to see the statistics

BTW: With 6 cores and a laptop CPU you are quite limited to the bandwidth and mission complexity (depending on what you want to do).

Use a more powerful unit for high-end tasks e.g. the SPECTRAN V6 Command Center which is made for such data rates (and more):

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However, for the given device configuration, it offers the possibility of processing 245 MHz IQ Rate, which realistically cannot be used (from approx. 160 MHz IQ Rate - DSP Buffer Overflow) only for the display itself. In fact, a problem even with longer IQ Rate 92 MHz recording and playback.

Check the latest update. We have fixed some issues with low power CPUs:

In any other case write a bug report (case by case) and we can check if its a bug or normal (e.g. to low CPU power).

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I have version installed, newer ones do not offer it.