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Convert live IQ to another frequency

Is it possible to convert a live IQ stream to an other frequency e.g. monitor the 900MHz band and send the same signal live via the Tx to 5GHz?


Yes, this is possible with the help of the IQ Modulator block. This block allows you to change the base frequency of an IQ stream.

Since the LO of the SPECTRAN is the same for the Rx and Tx you need an additional SPECTRAN V6 receiver for your task.


A workaround would be to record the IQ date and then use the File Reader. In this case you only need one SPECTRAN V6 receiver.

A simple live IQ Rx to Tx mission would look like this:

Stream Rx IQ to Tx with different center frequency


Reading the IQ file from disk and sending it to the Tx only needs one receiver:

Changing the Center Frequency of an IQ record


Or if you want it even more complex use 4 SPECTRAN V6 receiver for a perfect Rx to Tx IQ loop incl. signal generator and monitoring receiver:

Loop IQ data streaming


A mission for download can be found at