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Control Sequencer

The Control Sequencer block can send a series of commands to all attached blocks:

Control Sequencer Block

Left hand side Input:

  • Input 1
  • ...
  • Input 8

The Control Sequencer block can send a series of commands to all directly or indirectly attached blocks. This allows to repeat a specific measurement sequence to be easily repeated with a single button press. Available commands include starting/stopping different operations individually (like streaming, recording, rotating), adjust configuration values of a specific block, loading a different mission, waiting for data/no data on a specific input and waiting a specific amount of time. It is also possible to repeat (part of) the sequence multiple times.

Start, Stop and Configuration commands can be sent to all attached blocks simultaneously or just to a single selected block. And a command sequence can contain an unlimited number of commands of the same type. As an example, the following setup connects and configures two Spectran V6, waits for the data stream to start, then records it for 5 minutes (using the Delay command) before stopping all blocks again:

Control Sequencer Example

This sequence can then be triggered at any time by pressing the "Start" button in the Control Sequencer block.

Typical Mission:

Control Sequencer Typical Mission

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