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Clear Two Tone Signal from SPECTRAN Tx Vector Signalgenerator

Currently the quality of  generated pattern signal.

In polytone pattern mode your got two carriers. the first with level 0 dB the second ( depends from the distance step )  -13.. - 22dB

I tried different mode ( polytone relative ditone) see screenshots.

Can I get more suppression for the mirrors ?



Uploaded files:
  • FSW_ScreenShot_2021-11-21_22-50-05relditone-5m.JPEG
  • FSW_ScreenShot_2021-11-21_21-49-35320-polytone-20.JPEG
  • FSW_ScreenShot_2021-11-21_22-52-01polytonww.JPEG

Yes you get a complete supression by moving the SPECTRAN V6 center frequency e.g. in your case from 320MHz to 340MHz and by using SPAN="1/2" instead of "FULL" or/and using higher sample rates (122MHz instead of 92MHz):


Perfect Image Free Ditone Setup:

Perfect Image Free Ditone Setup


And the proof:

Perfect Image Free Ditone Setup 2


Same with 1GHz:

Image Free Ditone Signal @ GHz