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IMPLEMENTED: Circular buffer Data storage

I need a possibility to continually record wideband(~200MHz) IQ data to Hard Disk, overwriting the oldest data when complete (circular Buffer). Will this function be available?


This is already possible by using the File Writer block and its Limit Folder option.

If the Max Folder Action is set to delete, the File Writer block will delete the oldest file if the Max Folder Size in the Max Folder Target is reached.

Just make sure the recording files are smaller than the Max Folder Size by setting the Maximum Size of the Auto Split File option.


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In addition you might want to use the Time Shift block which works as wanted but within RAM only:

Ah I forgot to mention.

When working on single measurements, where no need is for 24/7 operation and/or archivation, you can also use the Auto Rotate feature. Activate the Add Index, Auto Split and Auto Rotate checkboxes and deactivate the Check Override checkbox. This will record files with the index in its name up to the number of the File Rotations value. Then it starts with the first index again and overrides the existing record. If you reload your RTSA Suite mission and record again, it will start with the index of the Start Index again.


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