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Channel Utilization

The Channel Utilization block shows the channel utilization as a waterfall graph (power over time):

Channel Utilization Block

Left hand side Input:

  • Spectra


This block does not need a profile to calculate the utilization instead it generates the graph directly from the spectrum data.

The ulilization is shown via colors (color setup is adjustable).

The block setup is quite simple but powerfull:

  • History Duration
  • Threshold Power
  • Time Compression (incl. Compression Mode)

The History Duration is the peak utilization over a selected time periode.

The Threshold Power is very usefull to remove signals below this power level from the utilization graph.

The Time Compression allows a long time graph up to factor 100k. Different compression methodes can be used e.g. (Max, Average, Power, First, Min)

Utilization Setup


A typical mission graph might look like this demo mission:

Demo Mission Layout


A typical mission:

Utilization Mission