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Category Bars

The Category Bars block offers a powerfull multi channel bargraph incl min, max and average graph:

Category Bars Block

Left hand side Input:

  • Categories (Docks to Channel Power block)


This is another great tool to monitor channels e.g. Bluetooth LE. The channel bars can be adjusted in multiple ways: You have full control over Time Compression (Up to 100k), Compression Mode (Max, Average, Power, First, Min) and number of samples for the Max Hold, Min Hold and Averaga graphs. In addition we  included a special Average Power mode:

Category Bars Configuration

Attached 5k sample screenshot shows the Bluetooth LE channels. You get a clear picture over the min, max and AVG of every single channel and can zoom within the graph at any time:

Bluetooth LE Channel Monitoring via Category Bars

A typical Category Bars mission:

Category Bars typical Mission Setup