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Capture weak GPS signal

I'd appreciate some help give me a mission so I can capture the weak GPS signal using Spectran V6 as following:


I don't get the point.

Even the default mission offers everything you need: Adjust ref level, center and span: DONE.

Thanks, what GPS antenna or external pre-amplifier need to be used to capture the weak GPS signal?

The more gain the better e.g., use a splitter with the optional active SPECTRAN V6 GPS antenna.

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Using GPS antenna, it doesn't work as following snapshot. As you see that the average noise is better than -140dBm.

Your span is too small to see the signal.

I hope you are not trying to measure a real live GPS?

GPS signals are far below the thermal noise. No way you can see the GPS signals on a spectrum analyzer, it is deeply buried in the background noise.

In this case you would need to "de-spread" the signal which will add a signal processing gain of around 40dB and then would be around 25dB above the noise floor.

Thanks, Does Aaronia have some plan to put the Block on the Aaronia shop shelf which can "de-spread" the signal in the coming months?

Add it to the forum wishlist if you want it...