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Capture raw IQ, with user desire sample Rate and sample points.


I wish to capture full raw IQ, with the sample rate 1MHz, and number of points 10000, with API.

May I know to know to do it?

Thanks in advance!

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That is not supported. For IQ data you can only choose from one of the pre-defined sample rates which automatically determines the number of points per sample. You can reduce that by reducing the span using the "decimation" setting, but that basically just discards points at the edges of the sample. With the standard sample rate of 92 MHz you could use a decimation factor of 1/64 to get an effective span of slightly above 1 MHz, resulting in 1024 points per sample.

Thanks for the confirmation. Can you help to confirm my understand below is correct?

  1. Standard Sample rate = 92MHz, if I set decimation factor 1/64, the resulting actual sample rate is 92 MHz / 64 = 1.4375MHz with the 1024 sample point? correct?

May I know is there any way to know the 1024 sample point? Is that 1024 sample point set by user or come with some formula?