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Can the SPECTRAN V6 be used below 10MHz?

I know that the lower frequency limit is stated with 10MHz but i am wondering if the V6 can be used below 10MHz?

Yes this is possible, BUT:

  1. The calibration is only valid down to 10MHz, so you might get wrong power readings below 10MHz.
  2. The dynamic or better the overall noise will get quite bad the lower the frequency.

If you can live with those limitations you are free to give it a try.

Attached is a screenshot showing what will happen and what you will get.

The red MaxHold trace was a calibrated testsignal sweeping over the full frequency range at -40dBm. So the V6 is quite accurate untill around 6MHz and then starts to drop simply because no calibration was performed below 10MHz .

The yellow AVG trace shows the noisefloor which is rising the lower the frequency but dont forget that the calibration is wrong in this frequency range. In reality it is rising even much faster then shown in the screenhsot.

The example markers at 1MHz, 2MHz, 3MHz, 4MHz, 5MHz and 10MHz show this quite good.

After calibrating the lower frequency range you get the real picture as shown attached. We might offer this additional calibration as an option in a future upgrade.


Uploaded files:
  • SPECTRAN-V6-Low-Frequency-Performance.jpg
  • SPECTRAN-V6-Low-Frequency-Performance-Calibrated.jpg