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Can the 10MHz Refclock be used for external clock source

I am very confuse that the 10MHz Ref-clock is not connected to the Spectran V6 clock source?  According to the block diagram, it means that it can be used for external clock source, doesn't it? ( link: :The 10MHz Refclock is not connected to the SPECTRAN V6 clock source. The 10MHz is used for the timebase (time stamps) only. In addition the time stamp can also be synced by the GPS option. )

The 10MHz is used for the timebase (time stamps) only ?  the Sine wave as time stamp ?

The clock system of Spectran V6 uses a clock synth for LO and a reference 100MHz clock. The 100MHz clock is the digital timebase. The external 10MHz clock syncs to the digital timebase, like the GPS or PPM input. The digital timebase and the LO are linked.

It is expected that the external 10MHz reference clock is rectangular and not a sine wave.

From the forum:Using the SPECTRAN as a Simple Pulsed Radar – Aaronia SPECTRAN V6 Support Forum ,"Because of other priorities we have still no implementation for the REF, TRG and PPM IO. This will come in future with firmware updates. "

Now does it work okay for the REF and TRG?

I want to use the external TRG and 1oMHz REF connect V6, so it can trigger the 10MHz REF with SDK/API. Can it mark the output stream data with external trigger(1PPS)?

Working on it.

Should be available within end of next week plus some extra features...

If you connect a 10MHz reference clock Spectran V6 will sync the internal timebase to the external reference clock.

If you connect a 1 second PPM clock to Spectran V6, the internal timestamp will be synced to the external time pulse.

You can learn more about the use of the external trigger here:

Hi @Admin and @EngJR,

Is there a way to indicate that the 10 MHz Ref IN is being consumed/used by the Spectran v6?

When REF IN (10 MHz, 3.5v rms ) is provided,  the LED is not turning ON. I tried couple of things, providing  10 MHz clock with different voltage levels (1.4V pk-pk, 2.8v pk-pk) and also tired 10 MHz square wave. Nothing made the LED of the RefIN to turn ON.

Also I observed that there is no indication in the software that the used reference clock is external 10 MHz.

I am attaching the screenshot of the settings of Spectran V6 for your reference.

Let me know, how do I confirm that 10 MHz external clock is taken as Ref In?

Spectran v6 settings



The 10MHz Ref-clock in the Spectran V6 is not used as a connection to the device's main clock source. According to the information provided in the block diagram and the linked forum post, the 10MHz Ref-clock is used exclusively for the timebase (time stamps) in the Spectran V6. It is not designed for use as an external clock source for the main device. If you have any specific requirements or additional confusion, it might be best to contact Aaronia's technical support directly for detailed clarification. and here is the link: training-as-a-simple-pulsed-radar/

I hope this will help you.