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C++ Status and Remote Configuration

Attached is a small C++ example, nothing fancy. I think it is self-describing, it is illustrating the basic HTTP Server block communication triggered by user interaction.

If you run it with attached RTSA Suite mission, you will get in stream 1 an IQ data window with a sample rate of 4MHz and in stream 2 the frequency spectrum data with a rate reduction of 100000 (data printed as text).

In the Set Config text view is a predefined JSON object to set the curser frequency of the Demodulation block or the center frequency of the Spectran V6 block depending on the UUID you enter in the UUID field of the config JSON object.

  1. To get the related UUID first press the Get Config button
  2. Search for the related UUID
  3. Insert it into the UUID field in the Set Config area
  4. Press the Set Config button.

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