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BPSG6 Signal Generator

BPSG6 Signal Generator block: Device control for the BPSG6 USB signal generator.

The BPSG6 is a simple signal generator offering AM, FM and PM modulation and a frequency range of 23,5 MHz to 6GHz with a dynamic range of -45dBm to 18dBm (max). The unit offers a stand alone (run last configuration at power on) feature or can be controlled over USB.

The BPSG6 Signal Generator block by itself offers only a simple sweep control for the BPSG6, but allows to connect a script block for further control possibilities. For more complex setups please use the BPSG control software (note: The BPSG control software needs to be installed in order to use this block).

BPSG6 Signal Generator Block | Main Device Control

Right hand side outputs:

  • Signal (Device control data)


BPSG6 Signal Generator Block Configuration Setup:

BPSG6 Signal Generator | Configuration

Typical Block Graph Setup:

PBSG6 Signal Generator | Typical Block Graph Setup

Could you tell me exactly dynamic range of the BPSG6, for example,at low frequency 30MHz and at high frequency 6000MHz?

At low frequencies up to 50 MHz the range is -45 to +5 dBm. At 6 GHz it is -45 to +12 dBm.


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