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BPSG6 Signal Generator Block

BPSG6 Signal Generator block: Device control for the BPSG6 USB signal generator.

The BPSG6 is a simple signal generator offering AM, FM and PM modulation and a frequency range of 23,5 MHz bis 6GHz within a dynamic range of -45dBm to 18dBm (max). The unit offers a stand alone (run last settup at power on) feature and a USB remote control.

The BPSG6 Signal Generator block offers a simple sweep control for the BPSG6 only but offers the possibility to connect a script block for further control possibilities. For more complex setups please use the BPSG6 remote software.

BPSG6 Signal Generator Block | Main Device Control

Right hand side outputs:

  • Signal (Device control data)


BPSG6 Signal Generator Block Configuration Setup:

BPSG6 Signal Generator | Configuration

Typical Block Graph Setup:

PBSG6 Signal Generator | Typical Block Graph Setup