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Blind Scan for Carrier Properties?


Blind scan?

We want to record with SPECRTAN V6 RF signals, blind-scan for recorded carriers and extract the carrier properties.
Afterwards store all detected parameters in our DB as metadata to the measurement.

We would need automatic carriers detection and tracking, estimates of RF parameters of all carriers (fc, bandwidth, level, SNR . . . ) and export it e.g. as JSON or csv.

What module of your SW we need to do this job?

If this is not possible to do now is there a possibility to export the recordings as a python readable format so that we can do the job external in an offline mode?

THX for your answers



This is possible with our Pulse Inspector block or even fully automatic with the IQ Signal Classifier block (see video at and the data base based IQ Signal Event Explorer block (have a look at the posting at



THX a lot for the answers. For my understanding, this would need the for about EUR 25k.
I would see that as an overkill for our application for the moment.

Could you let us know how to read the recordings in python or rust so that we do the carrier classification offline in another step.

THX in advance




To import/export *.rtsa recordings to other formats like raw IQ you may want to take a look at the CLI tool:  "RTSAFileTool" (In the install directory of the RTSA) use the "iqraw" export option:

-> % ./RTSAFileTool --help

RTSAFileTool <command> <options> file.rtsa
RTSAFileTool info [-start=<starttime>] [-end=<endtime>] [-histo] [-preview[=<lines>]] file.rtsa
RTSAFileTool repair [-compress=<factor>] file.rtsa target.rtsa
RTSAFileTool export [-start=<starttime>] [-end=<endtime>] [-compress=<factor>] [-format=<csv|rtsa|.. see below>] file.rtsa target.csv

RTSAFileTool supported format values:
rtsa RTSA file
csv CSV text file; with separator ','
excel Excel text file; with separator ';'
asc ASCII text file; with separator ' '
json JSON text file
xml XML text file
dat DAT IQ file; writes .dat and .tag file
wv WV IQ file format
mat MAT binary file
iqraw floating point 32bit and XML description file
iq Tar archive of floating point 32bit and XML file
h5 Hierarchical Data Format 5
wav alias for wavF32
wavU8 Wave PCM unsigned 8bit
wavS16 Wave PCM signed 16bit
wavS24 Wave PCM signed 24bit
wavS32 Wave PCM signed 32bit
wavF32 Wave floating point 32bit

For wav formats, scaling can be controlled with:
-scale=no (disable scaling, default for wavF32)
-scale=map (map source value -1/1 to output value range, default for wavU and wavS)
-scale=fit (map actual value range to output value range)
-scale=1234.12 (scale with custom scaling factor)

If you directly want to write to raw IQ you could use the Raw IQ File Writer block:

Further find the RTSA file format documentation at