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Why to use the Band Pass Filter -Option 6080

May I ask for what reason you recommend using a bandpass filter (option 6080) together with a software license key to extend Spectran V6 to frequencies higher than 6 GHz?

The aforementioned software license (Option6080) is basically intended for WiFi6E, but allows to operate SPECTRAN® V6 far above 6GHz.
Since the internal filter bank must be bypassed for this, you should always use a suitable bandpass filter to avoid interferences.
Otherwise you can not be sure if the found signal is really there or if it is just a harmonic of another signal.

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Certainly! The bandpass filter (option 6080) recommended for extending the Spectran V6 to frequencies higher than 6 GHz is used to selectively pass frequencies within a certain range and reject frequencies outside that range. When analyzing signals above 6 GHz, this filter helps in eliminating unwanted signals and noise, thereby improving the measurement accuracy and integrity of the data. Coupled with the appropriate software license key, this ensures that the hardware is fully aligned with the extended frequency range, providing a more reliable and precise analysis.