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How to record Average values samples only

Hi, I'd like to ask if there's a way of getting data from de Spectrum block (I need the average values of the data), instead of getting the data from the IQ power spectrum block. I've tried to get it though the "/sample" endpoint, it gives data with the IQ Power spectrum block connected to the HTTP Server, but it returns "null" when using the Spectrum block.


First configuration (IQ to HTTP server), it gives data with the "http://localhost:54664/sample"

Second configuration (Spectrum to HTTP server), it gives "null" with "http://localhost:54664/sample"

The traces in the Spectrum block cannot be accessed outside the Spectrum block at this time (you can change their settings, but not access their data).

What you can do is (in the "Main"config section) to adjust the "Time Compression" and "Compression Mode" settings. Those factors are however applied to the data  at the blocks input, before any traces are generated and cannot be reverted by later blocks. So if you need both "live" and "average" data forwarded to the HTTP block you'll need a more complex setup.

Also you probably need to change the "Output Range" setting from "Cursor" to "View", else only the area selected by the cursor is forwarded to the output (or nothing if you haven't selected anything). Note that with "View" only the currently visible spectrum is forwarded, e.g. when you're zoomed in.

Alternatively you could connect a Script block between the IQ Power Spectrum and HTTP Server to process the data, but that will require a bit of programming.

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This might be what you are looking for:

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