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AM/FM Demodulator Block

The AM/FM Demodulator block demodulates the audio from a single or multiple broadcast channels e.g. from FM radio stations or AM aeronautical communication:

AM / FM Demodulator Block

The Monitor (Audio) can be switched between off (no audio), selected (single channel audio), voice (voice filtered single channel audio), or all (multiple channel audio decoding at the same time). You can switch between AM or FM demodulation. We have also added varios features and adjustments e.g. volume, filter, noise reduction, stereo pilote tone masking etc.

You can also set a channel group for monitoring or add single or multiple channels (up to 1000 per group) within the histogram spectrum graph:

AM / FM Demodulator Settings

The following screenshot shows a recording from multiple radio broadcast stations in Doha. The AM/FM Demodulator block shows the recorded spectrum as a live histogram incl. all selected/placed channels and there width. Those can be moved or deleted at any time. A frequency spectrum and waterfall display of the selected channel will be shown at the right hand side. In addition a timeline of each channel will be shown as soon as there is activity, otherwise the channel data will be greyd out. An Audio Recorder block can be docked the to AM/FM Demodulator block to record all active channels and for later selective playback.

AM / FM Demodulator Radio Stations Decoding Screenshot

AM/FM Demodulator Typical Missions:

AM / FM Demodulator Typical Missions


I don't know if there are already answears or solutions..

I ask You, when it is selected a FM frequency, is it possible to add into block "AM/FM Demodulator" a Legend in real-time with some information like RDS, PI, PS, TPY?

Thank you...

No but if you wish to see those please add it to the software wishlist (please explain in detail what it is about and what exactly you want to see):