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AM/FM Wide Band Live Demodulation

Tune in to your favorite FM radio station.

Attached mission is tuned for the regular radio frequency range around 100MHz.

Listen to an unlimited number of radio stations and see the spectrum over time for every channel:

AM/FM Live Demodulator Mission

AM/FM Demodulation Screenshot

Uploaded files:

In addition another mission operating down to 1MHz by bypassing the pre-selector stage:

AM / FM Demodulator down to 1MHz

Uploaded files:

When running a simple AM/FM demodulation mission (specifically your AM-FM-Demodulator-DEFAULT) I am seeing some strange performance.

In the IQ Power Spectrum I am seeing a periodic glitch occur in the spectrum trace, what seems to be a comb of about 80MHz delta.

In the demodulated audio output I am hearing a static glitch when the audio goes silent, this is most likely due to not having a squelch in the demodulator?  If I am accurate on this observation I will add a Squelch request to the new features section.