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activation of Rx and Tx ports


In RSA 250X, can I use Tx as the third Rx3 (receiver)? I want to have a synchronous measurement of the 3 channels at once. Would that work?



No, that isn't possible.


As an alternative, can I do a synchronous measurement using two Rx's from the Eco SpectranV6 and One Rx from RS250X? Is there a way to synchronize these two separate devices?

Best, A.

Yes, depending on what exactly you want to synchronize:

  • Use the Control Sequencer block to start/stop them at the same time
  • Use the Frequency Range Follower block to synchronize their frequency settings (requires additional purchase)
  • Use the GPS Sample / Stream Clock options to synchronize their clocks to a GPS signal (requires additional purchase and GPS reception for at least one device)