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About Starting the Aaronia Spectrum Analyzer RSA250X


I'm facing problem since I bought the Spectrum Analyzer. When I power it ONN it took very long time to start. It doesn't start instantly. Does it need to warm up first or is there any charging time for this device before usage? It is also connected to Power Connector. There is no start button on the device itself so I always keep on checking the USB port. What's the solution for this problem?

Need your kind help.


The device is exclusively controlled via software. It can take a few seconds between pressing the "Start" button in the RTSA and receiving data when the device was not already connected in the RTSA as the device is initialized. Once connected, Start/Stop should be almost instantly.

Your description isn't all that clear. What exactly do you mean with "power it on" and "very long time to start"?

I mean to say, when I connect the spectrum with PC via USB data cable and press connect button using software, it doesn't connect. Power supply is also connected to the Power port of the spectrum.


Which colors do the power and data LEDs on the device show, if any?

Currently, nothing shows on the power and data LEDs. As can be seen in the attachment.

I'm struggling since morning to operate it. Its been 4 hours.

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As long as the RTSA-Suite PRO does not connect to the device, you will not see any LEDs.

Check your RTSA-Suite PRO installation, USB driver and PC (e.g. use a different USB port, swap USB cables or use a different PC to ensure the SPECTRAN itself works perfectly).

Which PC are you using?


By the way:

The SPECTRAN 250X does not need a USB power cable, as you can power it via the USB-C connection.

RTSA-Suit took long time to connect. Tried different USB ports on the PC. Attach is the specification of the PC.

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Try an other PC. This PC is super limited and might have problems offering the full USB support.

Please also check this:



Could you please tell me what specification do I need in PC to connect the Aaronia spectrum analyzer smoothly?