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AARTSAAPI_StopDevice & AARTSAAPI_StartDevice

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Thanks for the support, I got another link to fileshare and this one worked fine.

Actually I am testing our development with this new version and atm everything looks fine, it's not crashing or stopping neither when we go to from 30MHz to 60GHz.

I have another question, when starting and stopping via AARTSAAPI_StartDevice and AARTSAAPI_StopDevice the device also stops receving signal or it just stops sending it to the "clients". What stops this function inside the device?

Once again, thank you very much for the great support.

Calling AARTSAAPI_StartDevice and AARTSAAPI_StopDevice is identical to pressing the play/pause button in the RTSA Suite.  So it stops the FPGA processing data, and sending it over USB, but it does not stop the analog frontend or the receiver chip from A/D conversion.  One has to call AARTSAAPI_ConnectDevice and AARTSAAPI_DisconnectDevice to shut of the front end, but then you have a longer delay for starting up again.

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