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AARTSAAPI_StopDevice & AARTSAAPI_StartDevice

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Good morning,

We are having a little bit strange issue when using sweep mode with values extended from 3e7 to 6e9 using filter auto extended.

We have a loop to start/stop the meetering from the device, at first round it runs smoothly but when we stop the process using AARTSAAPI_StopDevice and we start it again with AARTSAAPI_StopDevice  it inmediatly starts to return empty values. (AARTSAAPI_GetPacket(&deviceHandler, 0, 0, &_packet2) =1 instead of 0).

when setting  main/stopfreq value to 80e6 it runs fine. We do not understand why this is happening. Can you help us?


Thanks in advance.



May this code help to reproduce the issue:

AARTSAAPI_Result res;

// Initialize library for medium memory usage


// Open a library handle for use by this application


if ((res = AARTSAAPI_Open(&h)) == AARTSAAPI_OK)
// Rescan all devices controlled by the aaronia library and update
// the firmware if required.

if ((res = AARTSAAPI_RescanDevices(&h, 2000)) == AARTSAAPI_OK)
// Get the serial number of the first V6 in the system

AARTSAAPI_DeviceInfo dinfo = { sizeof(AARTSAAPI_DeviceInfo) };

if ((res = AARTSAAPI_EnumDevice(&h, L"spectranv6", 0, &dinfo)) == AARTSAAPI_OK)
// Try to open the first V6 in the system in sweep mode


if ((res = AARTSAAPI_OpenDevice(&h, &d, L"spectranv6/sweepsa", dinfo.serialNumber)) == AARTSAAPI_OK)
// Begin configuration, get root of configuration tree

AARTSAAPI_Config config, root;

if (AARTSAAPI_ConfigRoot(&d, &root) == AARTSAAPI_OK)
// Select the first receiver channel

if (AARTSAAPI_ConfigFind(&d, &root, &config, L"device/receiverchannel") == AARTSAAPI_OK)
AARTSAAPI_ConfigSetString(&d, &config, L"Rx1");

// Use fast receiver clock

if (AARTSAAPI_ConfigFind(&d, &root, &config, L"device/receiverclock") == AARTSAAPI_OK)
AARTSAAPI_ConfigSetString(&d, &config, L"245MHz");

// La magia
if (AARTSAAPI_ConfigFind(&d, &root, &config, L"calibration/rffilter") == AARTSAAPI_OK)
AARTSAAPI_ConfigSetString(&d, &config, L"Auto Extended");

// Start frequency at 75MHz

if (AARTSAAPI_ConfigFind(&d, &root, &config, L"main/startfreq") == AARTSAAPI_OK)
AARTSAAPI_ConfigSetFloat(&d, &config, 30e6);

// Stop frequency at 6000MHz

if (AARTSAAPI_ConfigFind(&d, &root, &config, L"main/stopfreq") == AARTSAAPI_OK)
AARTSAAPI_ConfigSetFloat(&d, &config, 6000e6);

// Set RBW frequency to 1MHz

if (AARTSAAPI_ConfigFind(&d, &root, &config, L"main/rbwfreq") == AARTSAAPI_OK)
AARTSAAPI_ConfigSetFloat(&d, &config, 1.0e6);

// Reference level at -20dBm

if (AARTSAAPI_ConfigFind(&d, &root, &config, L"main/reflevel") == AARTSAAPI_OK)
AARTSAAPI_ConfigSetFloat(&d, &config, 10.0);


// Select iq as output format

if (AARTSAAPI_ConfigFind(&d, &root, &config, L"device/outputformat") == AARTSAAPI_OK)
AARTSAAPI_ConfigSetString(&d, &config, L"iq");

// Set decimation to 1/64

if (AARTSAAPI_ConfigFind(&d, &root, &config, L"main/decimation") == AARTSAAPI_OK)
AARTSAAPI_ConfigSetString(&d, &config, L"1 / 64");

// Connect to the physical device

if ((res = AARTSAAPI_ConnectDevice(&d)) == AARTSAAPI_OK)
for (int n = 0; n < 50000; n++) {
// Start the receiver

if (AARTSAAPI_StartDevice(&d) == AARTSAAPI_OK)
// Receive some spectra
std::cout << "---------[" << n << "]" << "\n";

// Stop the receiver


// Release the hardware

std::wcerr << "AARTSAAPI_ConnectDevice failed : " << std::hex << res << std::endl;

// Close the device handle

AARTSAAPI_CloseDevice(&h, &d);
std::wcerr << "AARTSAAPI_OpenDevice failed : " << std::hex << res << std::endl;
std::wcerr << "AARTSAAPI_EnumDevice failed : " << std::hex << res << std::endl;
std::wcerr << "AARTSAAPI_RescanDevices failed : " << std::hex << res << std::endl;

// Close the library handle

std::wcerr << "AARTSAAPI_Open failed : " << std::hex << res << std::endl;

// Shutdown library, release resources

std::wcerr << "AARTSAAPI_Init failed : " << std::hex << res << std::endl;

Also the following configuration leads to a Access Violation Reading exception:

if (AARTSAAPI_ConfigFind(&d, &root, &config, L"main/startfreq") == AARTSAAPI_OK)
AARTSAAPI_ConfigSetFloat(&d, &config, 5e9);

if (AARTSAAPI_ConfigFind(&d, &root, &config, L"main/stopfreq") == AARTSAAPI_OK)
AARTSAAPI_ConfigSetFloat(&d, &config, 6e9);


This is fixed from build 10056 on. Thanks for the report!

My pleasure , thank you very much for confirming and fixing.

Sorry, It's probably my fault, but from where can I download this build? I am totally unable to find it out, and  just see the RTSA-Suite PRO - Stable (Windows) at the download page.


Please send us a mail to get a link for the latest BETA.

MiguelAngel.DiazDelaCampa has reacted to this post.

done, sent to [email protected]

vielen dank für die gute arbeit !!

Good morning, got the link by email but sadly seems I am not allowed to download it :


Ray ID: 6c0181cebec4718a • 2021-12-19 15:01:35 UTC

Access denied

What happened?

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Please ensure that you've enabled cookies for that site, else the CDN provider might block access. Also it might help to clear the browser cache and delete existing cookies, and/or use a different browser (see ). If that doesn't fix the error please contact [email protected] again.

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