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Wi-Fi 802.11 | 13 Channel Hopping Generator with 256QAM Signal

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Thank you mm_dev for your input. I understand now that the block can be used to transmit signals which is great!

I understand that I need the USB Boost for it to work properly.

You mentioned that Tx output doesn't work for this particular case. What do I have to change to be able to transmit this signal sweep successfully? What is the correct TX mode to be used? Do I need to change anything with my setup (Block arrangement) or anything else?

Or will this setup work fine once the Boost cable is connected, with RX is enabled and TX is on stream?

Greatly appreciated, Thanks.

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Please keep in mind that in this setup right now, without a Boost usb, and with RX enabled and TX on stream, the band sequencer block is not switching between the channels

As mentioned so many times you need the USB BOOST to run the Tx with the sequencer.

Hello Admin,

  1. In such a setup, what is the proper way to adjust the signal power? I am getting an unexpected attenuation please let me know to be able to figure out what is wrong with my setup.
  2. The TX bar is switching between yellow and green constantly, does that mean that I have any issues with my setup? if so, what is the way to fix this underflow even though a Boost cable is used, and the Time offset is adjusted.

Thank you

I don't understand what you mean: Clearly you can adjust the signal power within the signal generator.

If the Tx goes yellow check your CPU, PC or USB. Looks like your hardware cannot handle the data.

Simply use a more powerful PC incl. dual USB 3.1 connections.

Hello Admin,

thank you for your patience with helping me solving those issues I am pumping into.

everything is finally working well! The signal is hopping between channels as required.

should the QAM Signal power (in IQ SG Block) be on the same value that’s already set in the mission! And are you saying that the signal power can be adjusted from the Spectran Block “Signal Generator”??

please just explain briefly where the signal can be adjusted from exactly?

I am getting unexpected high attenuation when running this mission. Could the TX yellow bar be the reason of this attenuation.


Your help and time are greatly appreciated!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.

You can change the signal level within the IQ Signal Genarator block.

A yellow Tx shows a unstable signal/IQ stream so anything is possible. Fix it as mentioned.

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Hello Admin,

So I have purchased a new laptop with 3.2 usb-c ports and that fixed the TX yellow issue! (Not 100%, but minimized it significantly)

The only issue I have left is that transmitting the QAM signal with this set up (with setting up the signal power from the IQ-QAM signal generator to a specific dBm) is not giving the expected calculated Signal power (dBm) on a Spectrum analyzer at an X distance away.

I tested the calculated signal power with different signal generator (like SWEEP) and it is giving me the expected calculated signal power. Which means something could be wrong or missing!

Any idea what would be wrong with the setup? or where this attenuation occurs and how to fix it?

Thank you!

You can't compare CW power to modulated signals. Depending on the modulation, there can be a difference of up to 20 dB, see

I see! thanks for providing this info.

So when setting up the QAM signal generator in IQ SG BLOCK to -20 dBm, this mean the peak of the signal is -20dBm! and it won't be detected on the receiver end like a -20 dBm CW.

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