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Wi-Fi 802.11 | 13 Channel Hopping Generator with 256QAM Signal

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Attached mission generates a 256QAM signal via the IQ Signal Generator block which is hopping over the 13 channels of WiFi 802.11 over and over again, using the Receiver Band Sequencer block, with a dwell time of 1s. I nice mission for testing your DUT.

Please note that you need a license for the Receiver Band Sequencer and for the high QAM rate.

The mission looks like attached:

802.11 Test Mission


After starting the mission you should get the following layout offering all needed controls e.g. to change the IQ bandwidth or to add or modify the channel list:

802.11 Channel Test Mission

Uploaded files:
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I am trying to run the recommended mission to generate the required signal sweep. However, I am running in to an issue with the Receiver Band Sequencer Block, the channels are stuck on one segment (channel) and it is not switching between the segments.
A screenshot of the mission I am working on is attached.
Please let me know how to fix this issue and proceed from here along with any information that could be useful for this setup
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  • Aaronia-Screenshot-2022-12-07.png

You need to connect the BOOST USB. That's why your Tx is YELLOW (warning status).

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Okay I understand that would fix the TX issue (warning in yellow)

My concern is that the Receiver Band Sequencer Block is not switching between the segments (channels). Even though I press Start on the block, it does not switch between channels and there is no indication that it is sweeping between channels.


Please advise on how to fix the Receiver Band Sequencer block not switching between channels issue!

You need to remove the Tx settings from the mission if you dont use the BOOST USB.

You might want to use the regular demo mission for the Band Sequencer:

Thanks for responding!

Of course I will use the BOOST USB since it is needed to transmit the signal properly and get rid of the TX Warning (Yellow bar). I just ordered it from Aaronia USA and I am waiting for it to arrive.

Now I am wondering if the Receiver Band Sequencer block could be used to transmit signal since the only way I see it work (switches between channels) is to turn the TX off.

Can the Receiver Band Sequencer be used to transmit the signal and shift it between the channels (segments)? and if so, what would be the reason it is not switching between channels??

I have been working on this for the longest time. Please advise! and let me know if it is a good idea to contact the Aaronia Technical team (engineers) by phone to help me solve this issue.


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  • Screenshot-2022-12-08-155727.png

This is exactly what this mission is doing but without Tx (USB BOOST) you cant use the Tx.

I have the Spectran V6 connected to a transmitting antenna on one end, and a portable spectrum analyzer connected to a receiver antenna on the other end.

when I run this mission with TX off! The spectrum analyzer does not read any signals!

Are you sure the RECEIVER Band Sequencer Block is used to control Transmitted signal not received! If so, are you confident this would be the right set up? Cause TX is on stream in the mission provided in this post. And as I am saying I am trying everything to make it work, but still no luck.



It can only change the Tx if you connect it to the Rx so you need the USB BOOST to use the Tx as mentioned.

With the Sequencer it is no problem using only the Rx.

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For clarification:

The Receiver Band Sequencer primarily is intended for Rx applications. For that it adjusts the center frequency and span setting of the device via control messages (which can go in both directions between connected blocks, unlike actual data packets). But as these affect both Tx and Rx it can also be (ab)used for some Tx applications where you need to adjust only these settings for different bands.

That the block is connected to the IQStream output of the Spectran V6 block is just due to how control messages are handled. You can only connect outputs to inputs of compatible types, so the Tx output doesn't work for this particular case.

The "Stream" setting of the Tx just means that it uses the data provided by the IQ Signal Generator on the IQStream1 input as Tx signal instead of using its own integrated signal generator (which can't generate QAM signals). Note that the IQ Signal Generator is configured to adapt its frequency settings to those of the V6.

As has been said, you absolutely do need the USB Boost connection for this specific setup to work. Note that you can not disable the V6 Rx for this even when you're not using it, as that would also disable the outputs of the V6 block, so it would no longer receive the control messages generated by the Receiver Band Sequencer.

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