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SP4 7060 | 4 Way Splitter/Combiner

The first rendering of the all new 4 way splitter/combiner "SP4 7060X" within the stackable V6 housing factor now available:

4 way RF splitter with low insertion loss

This 4 way splitter is the perfect choice to combine multiple SPECTRAN V6 e.g. to expand the real time bandwidth from 245MHz up to 1GHz (980MHz).

Some highlights of the SP4 7060X:

  • Frequency range: 700MHz to 6GHz (usable to 400MHz)
  • Insertion loss: 1,5dB (plus 3dB splitter loss)
  • VSWR: Below 1,5:1
  • Isolation: >=16dB
  • Connector: SMA female
  • Optional backside feed: Yes
  • Available als OEM version: Yes


Uploaded files:
  • SP4-7060X-Frontview.jpg
  • SP4-7060X-Backview.jpg

The splitter is now available in our online shop: Aaronia 4 Way Ultra Low Loss Splitter