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Histogram 3D

Unique: Our Histogram 3D (3D Persistance) block shows frequency domain, power domain and time domain in a unique 3D view:

3D Histogram Block

Left hand side Input:

  • Spectra


The Histogram 3D block offers the same features as the 2D Histogram block but adds a third dimension to it and offers a complete new, unique histogram measurement.

You can adjust the Persistence Factor (0-100%), the number of Bins (16 to 2048) and even a Over-Sampling (-4 to 2). In addition you can select from a set of powerful drawing modes:

  • dots (default)
  • contiguous
  • lines
  • fill
  • temporal


Those will boost the visibility a lot, depending on the signal type. And finally we have added an adjustable Frame Duration and a Short Pulse feature (e.g. for Bluetooth).

We have also added powerful 3D adjustment incl. an adjustable autorotate. Besides the adjustable light (via Light Jaw and Light Pitch) we have added the following great 3D effects:

  • Cast Shadows
  • Specular Highlighting
  • Draw Outlines
  • Depth Fog
  • Ambient Occlusion

Histogram 3D Settings


A 3D histogram of WiFi and Bluetooth signals offers a great 3D view. The three Bluetooth advertising channels can be seen as strong signals within the 3D histogram since they produce more pulses/s (higher density over time):

3D Histogram WiFi and Bluetooth


Changing the orientation makes the view more clear, now also including an active WiFi channel:

Unique 3D RF Histogram View


Or how about LTE (3 different channels):

3D Histogram of three 3D Channels


And the same view again with a different orientation:

3D LTE Spectrum


Typical Mission:

Histogram 3D Typical Mission